Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dan and Sam on CNN

CNN.com has a feature on Letters to Sam. You can watch it online here.

A Message From Dan

Dear readers and listeners,

Since my appearances on fresh air and CNN, and since people have been attending my readings and buying the book, I have received over 300 e-mails! Many of my friends (psychologists, of course) ask me how I feel about everything that is happening. I have yet to find a word that begins to come close. Surreal, overwhelming, gratifying, over stimulating, joyous, and exhausting all come close, but don't quite get it. And then I had lunch today with a dear friend who taught me meditation (Michael Baim, who I referred to in my acknowledgments). The restaurant was nearly empty and I had time to rest and reflect. The words I used with him were humble, grateful, deeply spiritual, and most of all -- I feel awe.

The word journey is used way too much in pop psychology and pop spirituality, but it does feel that the journey of my life has brought me to this point. Where to from here? Stay tuned!

I will look forward to hearing from you and you will certainly hear from me also.

With deep gratitude

Inside Out: Age 6 - as seen from age 60

Dear Sam,

By coincidence, you turn 6 this month and I turn 60 a couple of weeks later. Because of your autism, you are a little different from many 6-year-olds. And I am different from many 60-year-olds because of my quadriplegia!

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Sam and Dan

Dr. Dan on Fresh Air

Dr. Dan appeared on NPR's Fresh Air. You can hear the whole interview here.

Reader Comments

Letters to Sam is heartbreaking and heartmending all at the same time. I cried as I read and felt my heart open and fill with love. Being with Dan through these stories is a precious gift. I feel lucky that he became a grandfather and was inspired to write to Sam--and then so glad he let us all in on it. Dan has the authority of having lived through the extremities of pain and loss, so when you bite down on his wisdom, it's gold. I want to give this book to everyone I care about.
--Ellen Bass, author of Mules of Love

Reader Comments

Dearest Daniel,
Many tears flowed reading your soul written with so much love to your grandson, Sam. It truly is both beautifully done and your assessments of many human feelings are, as they say in America, "Right On." ... After reading your powerful words, I will look at my own beloved grandchildren, Connor, Erin, and Brianna, in a different light. Born with no disabilities yet living in a cruel world where one stupid act of violence could take them from me enrages me. ... Thank you for sharing your love of Sam with me for it is indeed an exquisite love. A love I hope will be read by many thousands lucky enough to buy your book. ... Stay soul strong, Daniel. The world needs you.
--Betty Williams, Nobel Peace Laureate, President and Founder, World Centers of Compassion for Children International