Friday, April 28, 2006

Reader Comments

Dearest Daniel,
Many tears flowed reading your soul written with so much love to your grandson, Sam. It truly is both beautifully done and your assessments of many human feelings are, as they say in America, "Right On." ... After reading your powerful words, I will look at my own beloved grandchildren, Connor, Erin, and Brianna, in a different light. Born with no disabilities yet living in a cruel world where one stupid act of violence could take them from me enrages me. ... Thank you for sharing your love of Sam with me for it is indeed an exquisite love. A love I hope will be read by many thousands lucky enough to buy your book. ... Stay soul strong, Daniel. The world needs you.
--Betty Williams, Nobel Peace Laureate, President and Founder, World Centers of Compassion for Children International


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